Festival Advance in connection with “RAMZAN“ festival falling on 09-08-2013-GO.No.601 - Patashala9

Monday, 29 July 2013

Festival Advance in connection with “RAMZAN“ festival falling on 09-08-2013-GO.No.601


ADVANCES –Festival Advance in connection with “RAMZAN“ festival falling on 09-08-2013-Sanctioned-Orders-Issued.
G.O.Rt.No. 601 Dated: 29 -07-2013

Read the following;
1. G.O.MS.NO.175, Finance (A&L) Deptt., Dt.15/5/2010.
2. Applications received from, Sri Mahaboob Khan, O.S and three others,
Dt. 15-7-2013.
In pursuance of the orders issued in reference first read above, the following staff members of this Department have applied for sanction of Festival Advance in connection with “RAMZAN “ which is falling on 9-8-2013 @ Rs. 2000/- each.
1. Sri Mahaboob Khan - O.S.
2. Smt Razia Begum - O.S.
3. Sri D.Mallaiah - O.S.
4. Sri K.Lakshminarayana - O.S.

2. Accordingly, in terms of the orders issued in the G.O. first read above, an amount of Rs. 8,000/- (Rupees eight thousand only) is hereby sanctioned @ Rs. 2000/- to each as festival advance for the said festival.

3. No surety bonds are required from the above individuals as they are regular employees.

4. The advance sanctioned to the above individuals shall be recovered in ten equal monthly installments. The recovery of first installment shall commence from the following month during which the advance is drawn.

5. The expenditure shall be debited to the following head of account: “ 7610- Loans to Government Servants – MH-800 – Other advance – 04- festival Advance.

6. The individuals to whom the festival advance is sanctioned in para (1) above are not in receipt of festival advance during the calendar year 2013 – 2014 and no previous advance is outstanding against them.

7. It is also certified that the spouses of the above individuals are not Government servants.

8. The Assistant Secretary to Govt., and Drawing and Disbursing Officer, YAT&C (OP.Claims) Department is directed to disburse the amount to the respective individuals bank account as mentioned in the annexure.